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Extennsion is the auto insurance industries worst nightmare. 

We exist to provide strategic advice to businesses and individuals who need guidance dealing with the claims process.

Remember anything you say, can and will be used against you to their benefit.

Since no one plans for an accident, the number one question we will help with is..
Now What?

Schedule a consultation today and set yourself up for a more favorable outcome.

We specialize in advocating for Ride Share and Food delivery drivers , and small to midsize businesses such as fleet owners and trucking companies.


Office with a View


To help facilitate a favorable claims outcome by providing information the insurance companies would prefer you not have. ​ Extennsion has access to claims knowledge that spans multiple skillsets and regulatory venues.  ​



Claim Consultation

We're on your side

Insurance companies are only concerned with their bottom line not yours. Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific circumstances and we will help you create an action plan for success.

Virtual fron desk services

TPA / Claims Advocate

Take the weight off your plate

You may have customers to support , loads to transport or a busy life to navigate, why not manage your claim by hiring your own claims advocate? 


We will manage the claims process on your behalf while keeping you in tune all the way. 

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Payment Recovery

Leave nothing on the table

We work to ensure timely recovery of reasonable loss expenses such as towing, storage, loss of use, business interruption, cargo and property damage.

Extennsion is on your side

Extennsion is all about taking the weight off your shoulders for a reasonable cost. We believe in hiring the best people and training our agents to provide our clients best possible service. 


Our business model is centered around personable interactions in a time of over-automation. 


We offer the following:

  • Third Party Administrator

  • Claims Advocate

  • Payment Recovery Services

  • Total Loss Negotiation

  • Post Collision Training and SOP's for Fleet and Commercial Businesses

  • Liability Negotiation

  • Drafting Department of Insurance Complaints

  • Mediation and Civil Litigation Support

Other services:


    Settlement Coordination

hire virtual staff
White Structure
hire virtual assistant



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