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Surviving WFH in the age of Covid-19

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

All of sudden offices where closed and kids where being home schooled.

Some businesses closed as a result of the pandemic and most of us found ourselves in the house all day. While we all love our family and our pets it is a shock to the system no matter how you slice it.

Maintaining a sense of routine is important to staying on tasks but don't forget about you.

Taking breaks to get fresh air or walk around the block should be built into your schedule.

Try to create some ground rules for the household. Communication is key.

Woman Working From Home

For example, communicating when you will be on an important call or video chat will help avoid your spouse walking in half dressed or your sons arguing over who gets the last waffle.

We are all in this together and need to help one another manage the new normal.

Check out this great article from for more tips:

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