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virtual staffing company


You've decided to give yourself some time back, now comes the easy part. After selecting your package we will assign your business a new phone number. Only you will have it, we don't share or publish this number. When you want us to take the wheel simply forward your existing phone line to your Extennsion number and we take it from there. The power is all in your hands.

Time usage:

  1. To activate/deactivate coverage simply go to your cell phone settings or dial *72 to forward your current line to your dedicated Extennsion number. That's it!

What we do:

  1. Our agents will screen and connect customers, assist with FAQ's and take messages. Depending on your industry we can also schedule appointments and intake clients so you lock in business.

  2. We will email questions or concerns to your point of contact for follow up at a later time. All while setting proper call back expectations.

  3. For a shared calendar we utilize as service called Asana or can use your existing service.  Appointments and tasks go to you in real time so you never miss an opportunity to acquire new business or deliver top notch service to existing clients.

Getting Started:

We don't have a buy now button because your business deserves special attention.

Simply email us and expect a call within 30 minutes to go over the package you prefer and to complete the onboarding process in one call. We know your time is valuable and we promise to respect your schedule at all times.

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